Top Ten Albums of 2015 (told in Tweets)


Image by Colin Tilley, From Lamar’s Alright video


via @ponybirdmusic:

Here’s my annual list of favorite new albums. Each album review uses 140 characters, outlining my Top Ten Albums of 2015 (told in Tweets).

This year’s top ten albums reinvigorated my belief in music. The acumen behind 2015 was freedom and honesty. These artists are trailblazers.

1.Kendrick Lamar-To Pimp A Butterfly, Nothing more significant or provocative happened in music this year. Butterfly is an education.

2. Jason Isbell- Something More Than Free, He expands toward finer detail, polished with antiquity and heartache, each song a breathing movie.

3. Sleater-Kinney- No Cities to Love, A favorite band returns to slay, offering new energy and relevance to a liberated charge on rock’n’roll.

4. Father John Misty-I Love You, Honeybear, JT spins self-awareness and self-dread into a spiral of bitter awakening while keeping us dancing.

5. Violent Mae- Kid, An album whose tones are as satiable as its dangling melancholy and crushing intensity, all looming in circles.

6. Thundercat-The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam, An EP from the muse behind the bass that is equal parts etherial, unburdened, and wise.

7. Chelsea Wolfe-Abyss, A kick in the face twisting the austerity of folk towards its darkest edges. A tale of ambience rather than concession.

8. Mercy Choir-Sings In The Traditional Rock And Roll Style, This is a drums album, wrapped in the timbre and touch of MC’s ever waxing talent.

9. Gary Clark Jr. – The Story of Sonny Boy Slim, Palettes of guitar and genre rendered as dreams and prayer as part of Clark’s self-actualization.

10. Mas Ysa- Seraph, Tenderness and longing spun into contemplative vignettes from a band who will continue to chant through their discoveries.



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