The Mourning Dove

Image by Jennifer Dauphinais

Crisis turns to celebration

and back to crisis

The cycle evolves


and dissolves

Don’t tell me I have

something to learn

Don’t tell me I haven’t

learned anything

I’m never the same

moment twice

But I’m always here

taking it all in

blocking it all out

fidgeting with the fabric

talking textures

catching the light

hiding in the dark

Don’t tell me I’ll figure

it out

That I’ll get

an education-

I’ve been learning how

to learn to unlearn

that which I wanted

to know

and wish I never knew

for as long as I could


And I’m damn near

filled up

with emptiness

I’m attached

to resistance

I’m attached to

the symbols

that shine back at me

from the vastness

of daily life

Things that seem

a personal twinkle from god

made measure

just for me

Should I let go of that?

What more can I surrender?

I’ve put down

the hurting bat

I’ve spilled

the ink of all my sins

And still the sun rises

to tell me

It’s not about you

after all

You love yourself,

that’s really about

all of the victory

you could hope for

You love yourself,

said the spinning mind

you love yourself

said the calling bell

you love yourself

said the golden leaf

and the timpani drum

You love the love

said the mourning dove.


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