10842354_786272744774813_5639224800118065280_o  I am an artist, musician, and writer currently working in public education and as a doctoral candidate at Columbia, Teachers College. Coming Together, Coming Apart is a space for rumination and observation of ways that concepts and theoretical thought introduced in my academic studies operate through the perspective of my day-to-day life. (The photographs used throughout the blog are mine unless otherwise noted.)

Teaching is a second career for me, having completed undergraduate studies in Art History and Studio Art. I decided to continue my education in graduate studies after a serious bought of burnout within my first five years of teaching. As a result, much of my academic research so far has focused on teacher burnout, teacher identity, contemplative pedagogy, and the teacher-student relationship.

My academic work is also influenced by concepts of diversity, discourse, activism and cultural.  Over the past decade, my family has discovered that we are decendants of two Aboriginal Canadian Metis tribal groups. Retracing our genealogy has exposed us to the politics following Aboriginal groups in Canada and the United States. My music as Ponybird is dedicated to service as a fund raising performance group. For this and many other reasons, post-colonial theory, critical whiteness studies, and an overall interest in critiquing the status quo, have taken deep roots in my heart and mind as an interdisciplinary academic.

For more information about my work as a musician please visit: http://www.ponybirdmusic.com

For more information about my work as an academic please visit: https://tc.academia.edu/JenniferDauphinais

* COPYRIGHT: (c) 2016 Jennifer Dauphinais, All Rights Reserved,  Borrowing” my ideas for your own work without mannerly citation is frowned upon (and in fact quite lame), while conspiring together on ideas is strongly encouraged. 





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