It Appears We Can No Longer Protest

“Anyone who’s lived with a narcissist knows, you are not permitted to have feelings, not unless you are committed to embodying theirs first. ” … More It Appears We Can No Longer Protest


Gateways to Environmental Literacy and Ethical Models of Citizenship

Like a sounding bell for a generation, Carson’s work sparked the eco-awareness movement of the Sixties. Carson forewarned of the human created disasters that have now become as common place as the books on the current events shelf. From this point forward, Americans and global citizens are faced with the heavy burden of consequences generated from our consumption of resources and disregard for our impact upon the environment’s delicate balance… … More Gateways to Environmental Literacy and Ethical Models of Citizenship

Why not Non-Violence?

During his recollection of youth experiences growing up in Brownsville, Tyson describes fighting on street corners in organized fights in which he, tiny Mike, would win by laying out kids far larger than he was. He said it gave him an overwhelmingly empowered sense of identity, in some regard a reconciliation for previous mistreatments of the past. … More Why not Non-Violence?

Post-Colonial Fro-Yo

So there we were, eating frozen yogurt in a perky, neon shop on the main street in our Connecticut shoreline town. My husband, strewn across a bright green sofa, and myself, legs akimbo on a vinyl orange dot, shoveling a mixture of crushed Oreos, gummy sharks, and frozen berries into our mouths while we stared … More Post-Colonial Fro-Yo