I Stand At My Own Door

“why give up the poisons and say it’s another’s poison,
the self-concept is poison
                –   letting go of that” … More I Stand At My Own Door


25 Years Hence…

    Assignment Prompt: “Who Tells the Story?” is our topic for today’s class.  I’d like you to pick one event that has happened since Friday (and it can be ongoing — it didn’t have to originate) including this morning’s events in Las Vegas.  I”d like you to consider whose story will be told and … More 25 Years Hence…

That’s Not Mindful- And Other Misinterpretations of the Mindful Movement

We must ask ourselves then, what do we know of ourselves that we allow our children to see? Do we verbally judge others? Are we openly prejudice or competitive? Do we push back on others when they display emotions? Do we label peoples’ feelings or experiences as worthy or invalid? These small yet routine acts are the social curriculum of our relationships. What are we hoping to teach? … More That’s Not Mindful- And Other Misinterpretations of the Mindful Movement

The Joy & Pressure of Nothing

The empty space is an invitation. I’m asked to fill it in with gratitude. I’m solicited to maintain a certain quality within this space. I’m reminded by a million media streams, social feeds, and academic discourses to shape  (and un-shape) thoughts there. Somehow my academic, professional, musical, and introspective lives are running parallel. I’m floating … More The Joy & Pressure of Nothing